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About Our Story

Two years ago while on vacation in Michigan I was invited to my first Miche party hosted by a family member. As a purse lover I gladly accepted! New to the concept of the Miche designer bag, I was so impressed with the design, the different styles, and how easy it was to change your hand bag. One hour later, I left with one base bag of each size, and two shells for each!

When I arrived back home, I was so happy sporting my new Miche designer bag at work and my co-workers went crazy over them! They began giving me their orders to send to my family member in Michigan. Little did I know that I was receiving credit for each Miche handbag and shell sold. Then as the saying goes, “the rest is history”!

I have been advertising Miche designer handbags just by changing out my shells to compliment my various outfits. Almost everywhere I go, my Miche bag calls attention, questions, and then lead to many, many successful sales. It’s this easy, no advertising costs, no flyers, just coordinate your favorite outfit with a Miche designer handbag, and the handbag WILL sell itself!

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