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Miche Bag Shells (Classic)

The Miche Classic Shells are the perfect size for day or night outings. Surprisingly roomy, you will have no problem toting around your essentials along with your favorite extras on your busy day. With our Miche designers creating the hottest, and trendiest classic shells, you'll always have the right look for any occassion. All Miche Classic Shells fit our Classic Base Bags. Miche Classic Base Bags come in black, white, and brown. Shop Miche Classic Shells See All Classic Shells >>


Miche Bag Shells (Petite)

The size of the Miche Petite was perfectly designed for those who want to just step out without being weighed down. Although it is small in size, our Miche Petite shells come up BIG in style with many many petite shells to choose from. Whether it's a dinner party, an evening downtown, or even a wedding, our designers have plenty of Miche Petite Shell styles to choose from that will turn heads. So go ahead and find your style shell today! Shop Miche Petite Shells See All Petite Shells >>

Miche Bag Shells (Demi)

It doesn't matter the occassion, when need that "just right" look and feel, our Miche Demi Shells collection are sure to please. The Demi can handle anything you need it to carry and then some. Combined with the size that has the ability to carry almost anything you desire, Miche Demi Shells have the classy look, to the fun style designs that will fit your unique style and feel. See which Demi shells we have for you today! Shop Miche Demi Shells See All Demi Shells >>

Miche Bag Shells (Prima)

For those of us who love to carry our life with us in our purse, The Miche Prima is the go to size for just that purpose. Whether it's morning, noon, or night our designers have the Miche Prima Shells to go with any activity you choose. If you're the daring type, or you like that feminine look, we have got you covered with Prima Shells just for you. Don't forget to you accessories by changing handles, adding various straps, adding purse charms, or carabiners from our accessories page. Your Prima Bag will hit a home run when you take it out, and will be the topic of conversation. Browse our many Prima Shells in stock to find what's just right for you. Shop Miche Prima Shells See All Prima Shells >>


Miche New Releases On Prima, Demi, Classic, And Petite Shells

See what Miche has in their New Release section to stay on top of the hottest shells styles. The newest colors, handles, coin purses, wallets etc. With Miche's hard working designers coming up with brand new colors of Demi Shells, Prima Shells, Classic Shells, and Petite Shells now you can be in the know when new and exciting Miche products become available to the public. See All New Releases >>


Miche Shells On Sale!

Find out which of your favorite Miche Bag Shells are on sale this week! With tons of unique shells new and old here on our Miche Sale page, now you can find the best deals on shells you've been looking for. Because let's face it, what's better than a sale when it comes to a Miche Demi Shell, or the poplular Prima shell, Miche classic shells, or even the Petite Shell! Don't forget to keep your eye on sale items such as Base bags, Miche hip bags, purse charms, Miche handles, and various other Miche Accessories. See All Miche SALE Items >>



Who doesn't like deals when it comes to designer fashion. With Miche Bundles, you can now save 15% on bundles of your favorite shells to save even more. Just getting your first Miche Bags? We have bundles for you too. Bundles such as (1) Base Bag + (2) Miche Shells = Save. Or, Bundle such as (3) Miche Bag Shells = Save. Check out our bundles, and see which one is right for you, and save on the hottest shells. See All Miche Bundles >>


Miche Luxe Collection (Demi, Prima, Classic, Petite)!

Purse and Handbag lovers abroad, the brand new Luxe Collection of Miche Purse Shells are now available for your shopping pleasure. Elegant colors and stylish designs in all of our major styles Miche Demi Shells, Prima Miche Shells, Classic Shells, and of course Petite Shells. Miche is turning fashion of the old, into the new fashion and style of the future. With one single Miche Bag, you can create an unlimited amount of personal styles that suit you and your many moods. View the Luxe Collection and find the look and style that fits you! Be sure to look for savings and deals daily. See The Whole Miche Luxe Collection >>


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